Basics of Reasonable Doubt

Evidence. Examine this diagram prepared by the government. (Ignore the markings and legend for the purposes of this post.)

At the top, the traffic circle is clearly displayed. The Raven 23 trucks were arrayed from the west to the east, around the bottom, southerly end. Now, look down and to the left, in the lower-left quadrant. See the carve-out, access road that breaks off the main road heading north, then reconnects? That's the bus stop access road. Eye witnesses confirmed they were taking a lot of fire from this direction. Now look directly east of that carve-out. That's a neighborhood. And according to some folks, an extremely dangerous one. You tell me - how hard would it be for someone firing at us to run back through that neighborhood and hide...then pop out later as an "unarmed, innocent civilian"?

The government took pieces of an entirely different puzzle and tried to fit them inside the edge pieces that we had already connected. They didn't fit then, they don't fit now.

At VERY least, this is reasonable doubt and should have made room for the defendants self-defense right. But when the Feds, the Iraqis and the media tell you over and over again no one was shooting at them, they must be correct. Right? Riiiiiight.