Drone Footage

Evidence. Both of these pictures are stills of drone footage on Sept. 16, 2007. First, look at the time stamps on both. The photo on the left is stamped "8:34," the one on the right "8:43." That's a difference of 9 minutes.

In the photo on the left, I want you to focus on the dark spots on the ground. The very large spot is water, from dousing the fire in the white car. Look, however, at the water spot between the two curbs on the left side of the picture. That water spot starts sort of in the middle of the road, then drifts upward in the frame to the curb. This photo proves that the radiator in the Command Vehicle had been hit, totally disabling it. At some point, I will post a photo of the damage to the radiator and tell you more about that part of the story.

The still on the right, is immediately west of the traffic circle. NINE MINUTES after the other photo, showing the fire of the white car having just been put out. The traffic you see is heading westward, as the traffic circle, if shown, would be on the left side (eastward). It is only barely out of range of this photo. While traffic headed eastbound into the circle seems to have been cut off, traffic is clearly moving freely on the west-bound road. In order to get on to that westbound road, you would have had to go around the northwest corner of the traffic circle, which was part of the incident scene. In other photos/diagrams, you can see that enemy casings were found in this northwest part of the traffic circle. For the Americans to have relied on the Iraqis for evidence recovery and scene reconstruction was ludicrous.