More Photo Evidence

Photo evidence. The truck on the left is the Command Vehicle in which Paul Slough, Evan Liberty and Nick Slatten were riding. The enlarged portions of the photo show the size of, and nearly perfectly round, holes/dings received during the engagement. Everyone who knew what they were talking about immediately identified the marks as evidence of incoming rounds. The government, however, in furtherance of their theory (in agreement with the Iraqis) that we did NOT take incoming, put forth evidence and experts who theorized that these marks were made by blowback from our own 203 rounds (which are incendiary and spray tiny '"frags" or tick tack sized fragments) fired at the white car.

The photo on the right, magnified and/or zoomed in greatly, shows what a 203 fragment looks like. A 203 frag cap looks like a honeycomb. The fragments are all starburst-shaped like this, and blow outward in a circular radius. By the way, this photo is a Government exhibit. 

This is the government's own photo, yet they stood in the courtroom and hammered the idea that these fragments are what caused those perfectly round holes in our truck. For this theory to work, you also would have that something that exploded in a spherical pattern would be capable of only impacting the top of the vehicle, and nothing in between the holes and the bottom of the body of the vehicle. Think of a spherical firework... If you shot that at the ground ten meters away and some of it blew back and hit the side of your own car, you would expect that it would pepper the whole vehicle in a spray pattern, not a single line at the top of the vehicle. 

To admit incoming meant that we had a right to self-defense, and this prosecution could not give us that defense, or they had to go home. Trust me, no one in their chain of command was going to let them go home.