Photo Evidence

Photo evidence. This photo represents 1) proof of incoming fire; 2) proof of an Iraqi cover-up; and 3) a glaring Brady violation committed by the DOJ. This was not, and never has been, a "massacre of innocent, unarmed Iraqi citizens."

These are actual exhibits and testimony excerpts from the trial.

Photo evidence. This photo was taken within minutes of the team's departure. Minutes. The white car is still on fire. This is a photo taken from the north, looking south - from the east side of the traffic circle. The yellow and white curb next to the tanker truck is the curb that goes around the traffic circle. If the Raven 23 trucks were shown in this photo, they would be arrayed from left to right, with trucks 2 and 1 of our convoy being outside the frame to the right. Truck 4 was generally to the left of that tanker truck with the yellow cab. Truck 3 (the Command Vehicle) was generally in between the circular traffic circle curb and the curb running in front of the Iraqi Traffic booth.

Two things are significant about this photo.

1) Look how close that white car got to the team, even after they engaged it. Had it been a VBIED, they would have been burying some of these R23 guys, if not all of them. That ANYONE was convicted of protecting the team from this vehicle defies common sense.

2) Where is the evidence of a "massacre"? Where are the bodies, the damaged cars - there were allegedly 34 people wounded or killed, and nearly as many vehicles. Where is the evidence??? It simply didn't happen the way the Iraqis said it did.

Please learn the facts, and then share them with your friends. The lives and liberty of the wrongly-convicted Evan Liberty, Dustin Heard, Paul Slough and Nick Slatten depend on you. Thank you so much.

These are actual exhibits and testimony excerpts from the trial.