Why Were They Even There?

I recently received a request to give a bit of background as to why they were in Nisur Square that day. Below, you will see the TOC log, which shows a VBIED had exploded on venue, where another Raven team was performing a diplomatic security mission.

Their protectee was inside a building having a meeting, when the VBIED went off, and she was thrown from her chair. The primary TST responded and was tasked with escorting them back to the Green Zone.

FYI - Travel routes come in 3s... green, yellow and red - color-coded by preference, based on their safety - a fluid, constantly-changing status. Nisur Square was situated centrally between the VBIED location and the Green Zone, and was one of the travel routes.

Raven 23 was the secondary TST and staged to go. Due to a highly-congested situation at the security gate on base, the team leader made the command decision to get them off base and out of the logjam, so they would be ready to respond if need be.

Once they got to Nisur Square, the decision was made to lock down the traffic circle - SOP - in case the returning detail needed the open travel route.

Photos of the VBIED follow. Interestingly, one of the Iraqi policemen - a prized witness for the prosecution - denied being aware of the VBIED, despite the smoke from the explosion being visible from space. Yeah, I said space (see the satellite image).

Since the FBI and defense were given no autopsies, how likely is it that some of our "victims" were actually victims of this VBIED? Especially since it happened in the 11:00 hour...which is oddly the time that shows up on some of the death certificates. Additionally, some of the death certificates list "TERRORISM" as the cause of death, which is unexpected if they were killed by Allied Forces.