Day 6 – Congressional Support for Amending the Weapons Law

Welcome back to day six of our week-long Free Raven 23 Fact Series: What You Should Know About the Raven 23 Case. Today’s post focuses on how Dustin Heard, Evan Liberty, and Paul Slough’s Congressmen are working to amend the federal weapons law that was misapplied in the Raven 23 case.

Since the October 22, 2014, verdict, the Free Raven 23 team has been working tirelessly to educate our elected officials about the false justice of the Raven 23 convictions. As a result of our efforts, we have found that many members of Congress are incredibly sympathetic and appalled at the DOJ’s conduct in this case. Nevertheless, we have also found that there is little Congress can do to help with the actual legal case. Rather, the legal case must wind its way through the judicial system, and as we explained in days one and four of this series, the case is currently on appeal to the DC Circuit Court of Appeals.

However, the fact that the Raven 23 appeal is pending does not mean that Congress is powerless to help. To the contrary, Dustin, Evan, and Paul’s Congressmen have come to their aid in a key way. Specifically, all three are sponsoring a clarifying amendment to the federal weapons law that the DOJ misapplied in the Raven 23 case to secure thirty-year mandatory minimum sentences against Dustin, Evan, and Paul based solely upon the government-issued weapons they were required to carry. Yes, you read that right: these elected officials (one of whom is a former criminal court judge) were so appalled at the DOJ’s abuse of the weapons law in the Raven 23 case that they are fighting to change the law in a way that will prevent the DOJ from ever again abusing its prosecutorial discretion to punish service to this country. The amendment is currently in committee, and you can read it here.

We hope to see you back tomorrow for our final post of this week-long series. There, we will address how you can help and provide you with a form letter that you can send to your members of Congress asking them to support the clarifying amendment to the weapons law discussed in today’s post.