Day 7 – You Can Help!

Today is the last day of our week-long Free Raven 23 Fact Series: What You Should Know About the Raven 23 Case. We hope you’ve found it helpful!

If you’re like many of the Free Raven 23 supporters, you’re wondering what you can do to help. Besides sharing our story and shedding light on this injustice (click here for a handy info sheet you can use to help tell our story!), you can take action today that will make a real difference.

Please send the short letter below (or one like it) to your U.S. Congress Representative to ask him or her to support H.R. 5662, which will prevent the Department of Justice from misusing service to this country to secure stiff mandatory minimum sentences against our defenders. While this amendment will not free the men of Raven 23 against whom the weapons law was wrongly applied (Dustin, Evan, and Paul), it will send a strong message that the Department of Justice overreached in the Raven 23 case. This will potentially benefit the men of Raven 23 in several ways, including if the appeal results in a new trial or in the worst-case scenario that the appeal is lost and we must pursue a pardon or commuted sentences. But, more than that, the men of Raven 23 will see something “good” come from this injustice and be secure in the knowledge that their brothers and sisters in arms will never have to experience what it feels like to have their service to this country criminalized.

Thank you for your support, and we look forward to hearing from you that you’ve written your members of Congress. Please leave a comment on Facebook (or send us a Facebook message or email telling us which members you wrote.


Dear ___________:

In honor of the decorated veterans of Raven 23, I am writing to ask you to support H.R. 5662. These men received 30-year mandatory minimum sentences based solely on the type of government-issued weapons they were required to carry after their civilian jury convicted them of using excessive force during a war-zone engagement. They are currently appealing their convictions based on numerous constitutional rights violations, and they have the full weight of the National Association of Criminal Defense Lawyers behind them.

Regardless of how the appeals court rules in the Raven 23 case, however, it simply cannot be the law in America that service to this country is an aggravating, rather than mitigating, factor at sentencing. That the Department of Justice interprets existing law in such a manner is a national disgrace. I look forward to hearing that I can count on you to support H.R. 5662, which will make that interpretation impossible in any future case.



[Name & Address]