Fighting to Free Four Decorated Veterans Wrongly Sacrificed for Political Appeasement

Dustin Heard, Evan Liberty, Nick Slatten, and Paul Slough dedicated their entire adult lives to serving the United States, only to have their government turn its back on them to appease a foreign country.  

In 2014, these decorated veterans (and their families) sat through a months-long trial in which they were accused of being callous murderers who fired into a crowd of Iraqi civilians without provocation--heinous and untrue crimes of which they were ultimately and incomprehensibly convicted by a civilian jury.  

Now, they sit in cold prison cells (where they've been for nearly two-and-a-half years) even though the government just conceded in their pending appeal that the ENEMY fired first.  

Nick Slatten sits in federal prison for life for a murder he did not commit.  Not only is Nick innocent of this alleged murder, but the appellate process has revealed someone else admitted (under oath and in great detail) immediately following the incident to having shot and killed (in self-defense) the person Nick supposedly murdered.  Though a key aspect of Nick's appeal is that his jury was wrongly denied access to this evidence that 100% clears his name, even today, the appellate court refuses to make it public and has opted, instead, to decide the fate of this decorated combat veteran who went to war for his country twice behind closed doors, with zero public scrutiny.

This is happening in America to honorable family men and decorated veterans who would have--and could have on several occasions--given their lives to protect the very constitutional rights that they have so far been denied.  Yet, no one is talking about this massacre of justice.  

We need your help to change that.  Please reach out today and ask that your favorite publication(s) or show(s) cover the Raven 23 case.  We even have an example letter to the editor you can send.  Please help us Free Raven 23.