A Hero Betrayed: Hometown Paper Spotlights Evan Liberty's Wrongful Convictions

Image courtesy of The Rochester Voice

Image courtesy of The Rochester Voice

Since the 2014 wrongful convictions of decorated veteran Evan Liberty for defending himself and his team in a war zone, The Rochester Voice (formerly The Lebanon Voice) has been covering its hometown hero's fight for freedom. Earlier this week, The Rochester Voice published a new article in its ongoing series, "Murder retrial outcome may well impact Rochester man's chance at freedom." Read it HERE.   

Also, below are summaries and links to the other articles in the series, in the order they were published. Please read and share to help educate others about our fight to free Evan, Paul, Dustin, and Nick.



In Iraq in 2007, 'this was an everyday thing' 

"This is the first of a several-part series . . . highlighting the case of Raven 23 and Rochester native Evan Liberty, who is wrongly serving a 30-year sentence in a federal prison in the infamous Nisur Square incident in Iraq of 2007."  (Read Full Article)

The long and twisted prosecution of Evan Liberty and Raven 23

The trial judge "Lamberth often dozed off during the trial[, and] made clear to the jurors before they began deliberations he wasn't going to stand for anything but a verdict one way or the other.  'He said, I'm not retrying this case, you come back with a decision.' " (Read Full Article)

Friends, coaches recall a man who could not do what the government says he did

"One of Evan Liberty's most prized possessions is a picture taken in Sharm el-Sheikh, Egypt, when as a Marine Security Guard he was assisting security for then-President George W. Bush[.]  Brian Liberty said it shows that even though his son has been wrongfully imprisoned for a crime he did not commit in a time of war in Iraq in 2007, he still loves his country and is proud of his duty on its behalf."  (Read Full Article)

According to the government, Raven 23 entered the square, and started shooting

"Three of the guards, including Evan Liberty of Rochester, were sentenced to [one day] for voluntary and attempted manslaughter[,] but were also given 30-year mandatory minimum sentences for using automatic weapons, whose use, ironically, had been sanctioned by the U.S. State Department so they could do their jobs[.]"  (Read Full Article)

A travesty of justice?  Prosecution missteps outlined in multiple appeals briefs

"To understand the vindictive and prejudiced prosecution the government employed in the trial of Rochester native Evan Liberty you need only read from the trial transcript."  (Read Full Article)

N.H.'s Guinta condemns Raven 23 trial as "political, unjust"

"The trial was steeped in politics, and Evan's sentence is unjustly harsh.  I have implored (U.S.) Attorney General (Loretta) Lynch to review the facts of the case. - U.S. Rep Frank Guinta"  (Read Full Article)

As Evan Liberty waits for justice, the days come and go

"Locked up until 2040 at a federal prison [Evan Liberty] spends his days working out, reading voraciously, watching sports on TV and maintaining a positive attitude that his father calls key to his survival."  (Read Full Article)

Guinta holds out hope HR 5662 could help free Evan Liberty

"One of the co-sponsors of HR 5662 - U.S. Rep. Frank Guinta, R-NH - said while there is little chance [this proposed amendment to the federal weapons law misapplied in the Raven 23 case to punish service] would vacate the sentence imposed on Evan Liberty, 'his legal team would have another argument to add to their appeal.' "  (Read Full Article)