Slatten Retrial Recap: Week 3

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This week's recap features a day by day break down along with details of witness testimony. 

Monday, July 2

  • Juror 4 removed and replaced with Juror 13 (Alternate)
  • Juror 11 removed and replaced with Juror 14 (Alternate)
  • Boslego resumes stand for cross examination and admits he never went out to the scene to conduct his own investigation. Even after testifying on direct examination that he had personally gone back out after going to the scene with the Department of State (apparently he sent some of his soldiers but misrepresented to the jury all during his direct examination that he’d gone back out himself).
  • Mealy's direct examination began

Tuesday, July 3

  • Mealy's direct examination concluded/cross examination began

Mealy does not recall much from September 2007. So, the vast majority of his testimony consisted of the prosecutor testifying for him with leading questions or reading his prior testimony. He does, however, claim that he did hear a pen flare first. The government continued in their questioning and went as far as trying to get him to say that it could have been a SR-25. Mealy complied stating that it could have been. It is obvious that Mealy was just giving them (the government) what they wanted because he had already testified that he could not recall Nick shooting. The government asking tainted witnesses like Mealy to speculate in a way that misleads the jury is part of the reason the case was thrown out in 2009. We expect additional litigation on this issue. 

Mealy is one of two witnesses (in addition to Murphy) that the government used to disparage Nick’s character. However, like referenced above, he cannot remember anything specific that Nick was alleged to have said. Nick’s legal team was able to impeach Mealy based on his prior testimony where he admitted that the alleged statements Nick made, that the government (wrongly) argues shows Nick hates all Iraqis, were made after firefights and could have been in regard to the enemy- not the entire Iraqi population.

Wednesday, July 4

Observation of Independence Day- No court was held.

Thursday, July 5

  • In all of today’s proceedings, Nick was never discussed.
  • Driver of Black Car testifies

During his testimony, he stated that prior to heavy firing starting, he turned his car broadside to the convoy in an attempt to turn around and drive south, against traffic and away from the convoy. This placed the driver side of the car closest to the convoy, but the curb prevented him from fully turning. He testified his car was parallel to the convoy, so the passenger side would have been facing the South (from which members of the convoy have said they received incoming fire). In evidence exhibits presented, there were circular holes in the passenger side of the vehicle (facing to the south) that clearly look like bullet strikes.

So, where did the bullet holes on the passenger side of the vehicle come from?

Because the driver side of the car was closest to the convoy and the passenger side of the vehicle was opposite of the convoy and was riddled with bullet holes, it adds weight to the fact that the convoy did, indeed, take incoming fire from the south. 

  • Monem's direct examination starts

Friday, July 6

  • In all of today’s proceedings, Nick was never discussed.
  • Monem's direct examination concluded/cross examination began

So far, in Monem’s testimony he stated that the first shots on September 16, 2007, came from the turret gunner positions. He stated that shots fired from the portholes were only fired later, sometime after the first shots were fired. Monem, also, testified that he was looking at the convoy when the first shots were fired.

  • Monem’s cross examination is slated to continue on Monday, July 9, at 10:00 a.m.
  • Friday’s afternoon session was dismissed due to a medical emergency of juror. Please be in prayer for her. Prayer for healing and a fast recovery.

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