Legal & Use-of-Force Experts

The administrators of this website are not alone in their dedication to the fight to free the decorated veterans of Raven 23. Independent legal and use-of-force experts have weighed in and agree that Dustin, Evan, Nick, and Paul should all be free.

Legal Experts

In this hard-hitting amicus brief that takes both the Raven 23 prosecutors and trial judge to task, the non-profit, non-partisan National Association of Criminal Defense Lawyers explains how egregious constitutional rights violations led to unjust convictions in a trial that "should have never happened."

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Legal and Use-of-Force Experts

In their law review article, "The Blackwater Convictions: A Twenty-First Century Dreyfus Affair," Lieutenant Colonel David G. Bolgiano (Ret.) and Lieutenant Colonel G. John Taylor (Ret.) perform a detailed use-of-force review of the Nisur Square engagement and conclude that "[t]he members of Blackwater's Raven 23 acted objectively reasonably under situations that were tense, uncertain, and rapidly evolving." 

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