How Can I Help? The Long Version

1) PRAY. The legal team can only do so much, the families can only do so much. But God...God can do miracles. We not only want the men of Raven 23 exonerated and their freedom, but we want to expose the pattern of these prosecutions that have incarcerated far too many of our servicemen who have done nothing more than their jobs. PRAY.

2) Tell your friends about this story and direct them to the website and Facebook page. Share the page on your timeline and or "suggest" the page to others. We need truth to travel down as many avenues as possible. We NEED for our message to reach as many people as possible so that we can quickly
"mobilize the troops" when we have specific actions.

3) Send a letter to your elected representatives, inform them of the major issues that amounted to malicious prosecution (there is a link to find your representatives and a sample letter - so easy!)

4) Send a letter or note to Evan Liberty, Dustin Heard, Nick Slatten and Paul Slough. A short word of encouragement, why you support them, your own contracting or military experiences (remember, they are all may have unwittingly crossed paths somewhere) - this is what keeps them going. Address your letter to him, c/o NNRJ, PO Box 1060, Warsaw, VA 22572

5) Follow the page closely, and if we issue a call to action, and you are able, please help... You may not get all of our posts automatically - we have to pay to boost posts and there are lots of rules that prevent them from getting "boosted." CHECK BACK OFTEN!

6) These guys have no idea how long they may have to be away from their families while the legal battle rages...every day they need to be able to call home, speak to their children, be able to get more food to eat (these are men who can't survive on bologna sandwiches) do that, they need money in their commissary accounts. 

Please also know that the loss of a household's entire half or more of income is creating unimaginable hardships, including the potential loss of family homes. I guarantee you that while these guys would love to be able to buy potato chips and postage stamps from the commissary, they would be MUCH more grateful to know their families' suffering is being eased. 

You can help by purchasing Support Products and making donations through the Support Products Page.

And finally, again.
7) PRAY.

God bless...and thanks so much. We love you.