Uncle Evan with two of his favorite little guys.

        Uncle Evan with two of his favorite little guys.

Evan Liberty was born and raised in Rochester, New Hampshire by his parents, Brian and Debra Liberty.

Evan has always been eager to help in any capacity in which he is able. At the age of 15 he became a lifeguard working for the City of Rochester.

Evan always knew he wanted to go in the Marine Corps and he did so as early as possible. He entered the Delayed Entry Program in August of 1999 right after his 17th birthday. Evan left for Boot Camp in July of 2000, turning 18 midway through training.

Evan’s first assignment was to serve at 2nd Marine Division Headquarters Battalion, Camp Lejeune, NC. While he enjoyed his time there, he had higher aspirations. Evan requested the special duty of becoming a Marine Security Guard to protect and defend the US Embassies abroad. Having the highest attrition rate for any school in the Marine Corps, he succeeded without issue.

During this special duty, Evan provided services for former President George W. Bush, former Governor Jeb Bush and former Secretary of State Colin Powell. During his service in the Marine Corps, he received multiple awards and letters of appreciation.

The White House expressed “sincere appreciation for the outstanding manner in which you provided support to the President of the United States” and further stated “Your unique abilities, coupled with your superb attitude and professionalism, enabled our Agency to provide critical communications for the President, the White House Staff and the United States Secret Service.”

 The Commanding Officer, Colonel W.E. Rizzio Jr, of the Marine Security Guard Battalion (State Department) stated “As his Commanding Officer, I can positively state that I would trust him completely in any assignment. He has proven to be totally dependable and will perform superbly under extreme pressure. I would eagerly seek Sergeant Liberty’s services in any capacity where the highest moral and personal character is required.”

When Embassy Duty was nearing its end, Evan wanted to stay in the protective services field so he reached out to Blackwater Worldwide. He began this application process prior to receiving his Honorable Discharge from the Marine Corps. He underwent several training courses and was hired to provide security for diplomats under the State Department’s contract with Blackwater Worldwide from February 2005 through November 2007.