Evan, Paul, Nick and Dustin are all decorated military service veterans. By donning their uniforms, they took up the mantle of defender, protector. And when they laid down those uniforms, they picked up a different uniform - that of diplomatic security specialist. They put themselves in harm's way to protect us, the homeland, and dignitaries who went into difficult places in an effort to create a better world.

By standing with Raven 23 as they fight for justice, these awesome people have been laying down their time, money, prayers - the essential elements of their lives - for Dustin, Nick, Paul and Evan.

This page is dedicated to you - the Raven 23 Support Team. By posting, writing, donating, educating people on the truth, buying and wearing the support gear - and mostly through your prayers - you are the support system that we depend on.

"Thank you" seems inadequate... but we deeply, truly do thank you and appreciate you. God bless you one and all. #KEEPTHEFAITH




We are constantly in awe at the way people show their love and support.  This is Ryan Harsha - and his support for Raven 23 inspired this song, entitled "Exoneration."  We couldn't think of a better theme.... Thanks, Ryan!