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Dear Congressman/Senator __________:

In this time between recognizing our nation’s heroes on Veterans Day and spending time with our loved ones at Thanksgiving, I want to introduce you to four decorated veterans and former Department of State contractors: Dustin Heard, Evan Liberty, Nick Slatten, and Paul Slough.

These servicemen will not be able to spend the holidays with their families. They are instead serving lengthy prison sentences because the government they fought to protect turned against them. I encourage you to take four minutes of your time to visit www.freeraven23.com and watch a short video explaining the situation.

This is wrong, and your colleague, Dustin’s Congressman, John J. Duncan, Jr., agrees. You should have received a letter from Congressman Duncan in June explaining how a federal weapons law was misapplied to secure 30-year mandatory minimum sentences against Dustin, Evan, and Paul. Several other members of Congress, including Evan’s Congressman, Frank C. Guinta, and Paul's Congressman, Dr. Michael C. Burgess, have also taken similar stands.

While four veterans fight for their freedom on appeal, I am one among thousands reaching out to Congress in support of clarifying the weapons law to prevent it from ever again being used to criminalize service. We expect that an amendment will be proposed next year, and as your constituent, I hope I can count on you to vote in defense of those who defend us.


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