Five Must Read Articles About Raven 23

Five Must-Read Raven 23 Articles

For those closest to Evan, Dustin, Nick, and Paul, every day is a battle to raise awareness about why the jury's guilty verdicts do not reflect true justice in their case.  From prosecuting these men under a law that does not apply to them, in an improper venue, and before a jury that in no way resembled the constitutionally-guaranteed jury of their peers--to hiding evidence, presenting perjured testimony, vindictively prosecuting Nick for murder after he successfully asserted his right not to be prosecuted for lesser crimes, and misapplying a weapons law to enhance Evan, Dustin, and Paul's sentences beyond anything Congress ever intended--the Department of Justice's misconduct in the Raven 23 case knew almost no bounds.  

But the sad fact is that most Americans have never even heard about the Raven 23 case. Or, if they have, they are not surprised by the guilty verdicts given the one-sided and factually-inaccurate coverage of the case by the mainstream media, whose papers sold and ratings soared on the backs of reports demonizing contractors and painting Nisur Square as a massacre.  

To have any hope of bringing Evan, Dustin, Nick, and Paul home, we have to set the record straight.  To do that, we need those reporters and television and radio hosts whose voices reach millions to look behind the hype to the actual record of the Raven 23 case.  

To date, one journalist--Faye Higbee--has been willing to do so.  In the months following the Raven 23 convictions, Ms. Higbee read the entire trial transcript.  After taking the time to educate herself, Ms. Higbee authored a series of five articles for Uncle Sam's Misguided Children.  These articles are a must-read for anyone interested in what really happened in the Raven 23 case.  Please take the time to read and share them, and then contact the publications and programs you support to point out some of the DOJ's misconduct in the Raven 23 case and ask them to take a closer look at a true American injustice.

Links to Ms. Higbee's articles: