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Weapons Legislation Introduced!

We are pleased to announce that the amendment to the weapons legislation we have been pushing for since 2014 has been introduced in the House.

As a quick reminder, this clarifying legislation is necessary because the DOJ misapplied the federal weapons law at issue to secure 30-year mandatory minimum sentences against three of the men of Raven 23 (Dustin Heard, Evan Liberty, and Paul Slough) based solely on the type of government-issued weapons they were required to carry.  In other words, under the DOJ's interpretation of the law, service to this country is an aggravating, rather than mitigating, factor at sentencing.  You can read more about the DOJ's egregious abuse of the law in the Raven 23 case that necessitated this clarifying amendment on the Weapons Charge page of our website.

You can also read the text of the amendment via the link below, and we encourage you to write to your members of Congress to ask them to support this much-needed clarification to the law.  Also, stay tuned for more targeted letter writing campaigns as the bill makes it way through various committees.

Read the proposed amendment HERE