Stay in the FIGHT!

Stay Engaged in the Fight to Free Raven 23


From Brietbart reporting on the government’s use of perjured testimony to obtain unjust convictions, to members of Congress joining our fight to clarify the weapons law, we are gaining momentum here at Free Raven 23.  We want to thank you—Raven 23 Supporters—for helping make our voice loud enough to be heard.  Because our fight is far from over, here are just a few of the ways you can stay engaged and help us accomplish our mission to get true justice for Dustin, Evan, Paul, and Nick:


  • Visit the website regularly, read and share its content, and send us your questions or suggestions via the Contact Us page.  We add and update content on a regular basis.  Here’s what you’ve missed if you haven’t visited in a while:


    • An UPDATED Home page with an infographic explaining the case

    • A NEW page about Our Mission

    • A NEW Perjured Testimony page

    • An UPDATED Murder? page

    • An UPDATED Legislative Action page

    • An UPDATED What Can I Do? page (including a new sample letter)

    • An UPDATED FAQ page

    • Several NEW Blog Posts


  • Sign up for the Free Raven 23 monthly newsletter

    • Visit our Blog or FAQ page and enter your email address in the designated spot

    • Look for the next edition in your in-box on September 23!


  • Join us on Facebook & Twitter

    • Like and share our Facebook page and posts

    • Comment regularly

    • Follow us on Twitter


  • Continue to speak out!

    • Write letters to Congress

    • Write letters to the editor

    • Tell the publications and radio and television programs you support to report on the rights violations that led to these unjust convictions


Thank you for your support, and #KeepTheFaith!