Legal & Use-of-Force Experts

The administrators of this website are not alone in their dedication to the fight to free the decorated veterans of Raven 23. Since the October 22, 2014, unjust convictions of Dustin Heard, Evan Liberty, Nick Slatten, and Paul Slough, independent legal and use-of-force experts have weighed in on why the Raven 23 convictions must be reversed. 

Legal Experts

In this hard-hitting amicus brief that takes both the Raven 23 prosecutors and trial judge to task, the non-profit, non-partisan National Association of Criminal Defense Lawyers explains how egregious constitutional rights violations led to unjust convictions in a trial that "should have never happened."

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Legal and Use-of-Force Experts

In their law review article, "The Blackwater Convictions: A Twenty-First Century Dreyfus Affair," Lieutenant Colonel David G. Bolgiano (Ret.) and Lieutenant Colonel G. John Taylor (Ret.) perform a detailed use-of-force review of the Nisur Square engagement and conclude that "[t]he members of Blackwater's Raven 23 acted objectively reasonably under situations that were tense, uncertain, and rapidly evolving." 

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