Slatten's Third Jury Convicts Innocent Man

Yesterday, after days of deliberation, Nick Slatten’s third jury somehow reached a guilty verdict. We will likely never know how 12 people following the jury instructions they were given could justify that outcome to themselves in light of the overwhelming evidence of Nick’s innocence, but we are preparing for the fight ahead to address the erroneous legal rulings and prosecutorial misconduct that we believe tainted the proceedings, misled the jury, and caused them to reach a verdict that—if it stands—will send an innocent man to prison for the rest of his life.

After three trials and more than 11 years of living this nightmare, experience has taught us that juries get it right about as often as prosecutors put the right person in the defendant's chair and follow their ethical obligations, and even then only when the trial judge's legal rulings keep the case from going off the rails.  Unfortunately for Nick, Evan, Paul, and Dustin, that has not happened, and all three trials in this case have been the legal equivalent of a train wreck. 

Thankfully, the legal teams are working hard and pursuing as many options as possible (including an appeal if necessary in Nick’s case) to course correct and get our heroes home. A flurry of filings are expected in 2019, so please keep checking back on our Blog and Facebook page for updates.

Until then, thank you for your support, and #KeepTheFaith.