An "Honest Judicial System Cannot Tolerate" Nick Slatten's Wrongful Conviction

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The post-verdict filings are in. That means Nick Slatten is one step closer to the ruling that will determine whether he will be sentenced to die in prison for shots that were not his OR whether the lack of evidence, rights violations, and government misconduct that resulted in Nick's wrongful conviction require the complete dismissal of the case against him or, at the very least, a new trial.  

Nick's motions are linked HERE and HERE. The government's responses are linked HERE and HERE. Nick's replies to the government's responses (the final, and most recent, filings) are linked HERE and HERE.

As explained in Nick’s most recent filings, “an honest judicial system cannot tolerate” his wrongful conviction. Yet, it is difficult for most people to believe that the government prosecutes innocent people, and it is even more difficult for most people to believe that juries convict innocent people. Beliefs aside, however, the Raven 23 case is a real-life example of how the system can derail.

Regarding Nick's case, in particular, through a series of mind-boggling misconduct and numerous constitutional rights violations, the government was able to convince 12 civilians to find, beyond any reasonable doubt, that Nick—a highly trained, decorated combat veteran—murdered an innocent civilian in a war zone by firing shots

  1. that were impossible for Nick to make;

  2. that another member of the team (Paul Slough) actually made and acknowledged multiple times to making (in self-defense);

  3. that every eyewitness (both American and Iraqi) said this other person (NOT Nick) made;

  4. that the physical evidence corroborates the other person made; and

  5. that were inconsistent with statements, physical evidence, and testimony accounting for the actual shots that Nick made (which where justifiable shots at an entirely different person).

That Nick and Evan Liberty, Dustin Heard, and Paul Slough--four decorated veterans who dedicated their entire adult lives to serving their country in one capacity or another--are wasting away, wrongly imprisoned, is the truth. If you want to see for yourself how the government discarded the truth to secure their wrongful convictions, just take a few minutes to read the recent filings in Nick's case.

Then, please share our story. We need as many people as possible to know--and share--the truth.